Stacey Starner McAllister

Vice President, Senior Diversified Fixed Income Credit Analyst/Team Leader
Started at Eaton Vance: 2004

"I am constantly learning from new tasks and from the people around me."

What I do at Eaton Vance: My primary responsibility is to select and review corporate bonds within the industry sectors I cover. I make investment recommendations based on my analysis of fundamental credit quality and relative value.

Why I love coming to work: The work I do every day makes a meaningful contribution to the group, to the company and to our clients. I am constantly learning from new tasks and from the people around me.

How Eaton Vance’s work culture is special: I am fortunate to work with an exceptional group of people. Our team not only wants to outperform, but also wants to see individuals achieve their own professional and personal goals.

What fosters success at Eaton Vance: Because markets can be unpredictable, the most successful people are those who embrace new challenges and adapt to changing situations. They have the ability to look at things a little differently than everyone else, while maintaining a sense of humility — and a sense of humor.

My favorite Eaton Vance moment: The opportunity to relocate to London when I was an analyst in the Bank Loan Group was a unique experience that allowed me to broaden my global perspective.