Mutual Fund Services Representative

The Mutual Fund Service Representative role provides a comprehensive introduction to the financial services industry, presenting the opportunity to learn about Eaton Vance products and the broader mutual fund industry. The role provides hands-on experience with a focus on products, systems and client service, beginning with extensive training and mentoring with a seasoned representative. Once trained, a representative is well-prepared to support inbound calls from shareholders and financial advisors on a broad range of topics, such as inquiries regarding specific client account information and questions concerning Eaton Vance’s broad suite of investment solutions. Representatives learn to provide our clients with a superior service experience that is personable, professional and knowledgeable. Many Representatives continue to work with Eaton Vance years into the future, with the potential to grow their careers within all areas of Eaton Vance.


Brian Taranto

Vice President
Chief Administrative Officer
"My Mutual Fund Services starting position gave me a fundamental background and understanding of the asset management business that I still reference today in my job, 18 years later. Having to resolve new issues everyday day gave me excitement and was the basis for the passion I have for my job and for this business. I really think those that start on this team are our strongest employees."


John Santoro

Vice President
Sales Desk Manager
"It’s hard to believe that 13 years have passed since I started working at Eaton Vance in Mutual Fund Operations. This role taught me the skills necessary to provide proper service to our clients and is the soul of my career. Where I am today, without question, is due to the time I spent in Operations."


Katie Griffin

Internal Wholesaler, Team Leader
"I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial it was to start my financial services career as a Mutual Fund Services Representative. After interning in financial services for three years, I knew I wanted to eventually be in more of a client-facing role full time. The mutual fund services representative role was a perfect hybrid of customer service training and sales development. The six-week training program was an incredible investment made on my behalf by Eaton Vance at such an early point in my career. To me, it spoke volumes about the company and the value that I was contributing. The many skills and lessons I learned in that position will absolutely be invaluable to me as I go forward in my career. "

Research Associate Program

Eaton Vance’s Research Associate Program is a 3-5 year developmental program that allows individuals to work with investment analysts and portfolio managers. Research Associates receive comprehensive on-the-job training, learning to conduct in-depth analysis of markets and securities. In the first few months, Research Associates attend industry specific training, accumulating the skills to contribute to investment analysis in a team-oriented environment. As they advance through the program, Eaton Vance provides Research Associates with the support and resources they need to earn their CFA designation, as well as guidance through the MBA admissions process.

The following investment groups participate in the Research Associate Program:

  • Bank Loan
  • Diversified Fixed Income
  • Equity Research
  • Global Income
  • High Yield

Jonathan Alexander

Research Associate
Equity Research
"Working as a research associate in the equity department at Eaton Vance has been an incredible journey so far. I have learned so much about investing from my colleagues on the equity team. From participating in the daily morning meetings to attending meetings with leaders of global companies, the experience has been invaluable. Senior analysts and managers are always willing to spend time and share insights with less experienced associates. It has been a real privilege to begin my career as a research associate in Eaton Vance’s equity department."


Audrey Grant

Research Associate
Bank Loan
"Having an internship gave me exposure to the great culture in the Bank Loan group and their approach to investing. The experience made me confident that the research associate program would be a great foundation for my career. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity and be surrounded by so many talented peers and mentors."


Andrew Stutzman

Research Associate
Equity Research
"My internship in the equity research group was an invaluable experience, giving me the chance to work with investment analysts and portfolio managers with vast experience and expertise in the business. The collaborative, engaging environment at Eaton Vance instilled confidence in me that the research associate program would be a wonderful place to begin my career. I am excited that I have the opportunity to pursue my passion for financial markets while developing my own investment ability at Eaton Vance."