About Hexavest

Founded in 2004 by six partners, Hexavest is an independent investment management firm located in Montreal, Canada. The firm provides discretionary investment management of equities for institutional clients.

The creation of Hexavest came about when its six founding partners decided to unite their efforts to build a dynamic and stimulating environment that would enable them to focus on generating value added for their clients. Their investment team was formed in 1991 and has expanded over the years with the addition of several talented investment professionals who all share the same investment culture and values. For more than 25 years, their experienced portfolio managers have developed an original and rigorous investment approach that has generated value in all types of market environments, especially when markets were turbulent.

Eaton Vance Corp. controls a 49 percent interest in Hexavest Inc. and drives business development outside of Canada. Several Eaton Vance mutual funds in the U.S. and offshore markets are sub-advised by Hexavest.


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